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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that despite typically being diagnosed at early ages can continue to affect patients throughout their life. It can be a crippling disorder which affects all ethnic, racial, and economic groups.


Here at Excel ABA, we’ve seen first hand the impact of autism spectrum disorder in Houston,TX . Our ASD therapy services cover the entire spectrum of behaviors and symptoms that come with autism.  


What are the benefits of our Houston ASD therapy?


There is a wide range of issues that affect people living with ASD, which means that it’s very important to work closely with an ASD specialist to develop the right therapy program. Our experts specialize in working directly with patients so that they can:

  • Mitigate common obstacles that come with ASD such as; aggression, repetitive behavior, attention problems, irritability, hyperactivity, attention problems, anxiety, and depression


  • Develop social, communication, and language skills


  • Ultimately learn necessary skills to have an independant and happy life.


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In Houston autism spectrum disorder treatment is one of our specialties. Our technicians and Excel ABA staff want to help you and your loved ones live a better life. Studies have shown that teaching and assisting in these new skills have significantly reduced problematic behavior, and result in a happier life. To learn more about the ABA services we provide, call one of our team members today at (832) 342-5841, or fill out our form below to get started.


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Are you or your loved ones struggling with autism spectrum disorder? Call one of our team members at Excel ABA, an in-home ABA program in Houston, TX. Contact us today: (832) 342-5841.

What are the benefits of an autism behavior therapist in Houston, TX?


An autism behavior therapist is someone who is trained to study behavior in order to implement behavioral interventions for their patients. One of our Houston ABA therapist will work closely with you to design a program resulting in improved:


  • Social Skills – Your loved one will be able to acquire skills that will help in everyday interactions with peers.

  • Language and Verbal Behavior – After your initial behavioral assessment, our custom treatment plan will include exercises that encourage positive results in communication.

  • Life Skills – With a focus on independence, our program will teach your child the skills needed to accomplish everyday tasks on his/her own”



Learn More About Our ABA Therapists in Houston, TX

In Houston, TX we have an ABA therapist ready to talk with you about how our ABA services can make your life better. At Excel ABA our teaching and assisting significantly reduces problematic behavior. Reach out to one of our Houston autism behavior therapist to learn more by calling (832) 342-5841, or filling out our form below.



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