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Katy In-Home Autism ABA Programs in Katy, TX


Have you noticed your child struggling with behaviors like communication and social interaction? Does their issue with these behaviors lead to tantrums or non-compliance?


If so, it could mean that your child is living with autism and other related behavioral disorders.

ABA-based strategies are scientifically grounded and effective for changing behaviors. Here at Excel ABA, our Katy in-home autism programs are designed to make sure your child gets the attention necessary to improve their life.

What are the benefits of In-Home ABA Programs in Katy, TX?


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses different techniques to promote meaningful and positive behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, those with Autism. A few benefits of this treatment include:


  • Social Skills – With the help of our in-home autism programs in Katy TX, your child will be able to acquire skills that will help in everyday interactions with peers.

  • Language and Verbal Behavior – After your initial behavioral assessment, our custom treatment plan will include exercises that encourage positive results in communication.

  • Life Skills – With a focus on independence, our program will teach your child the skills needed to accomplish everyday tasks on his/her own.

  • And more!

Learn More About Our Katy in-home ABA programs

An in-home ABA program is exactly the type of service that we at Excel ABA use to give your loved one a treatment tailored to their needs. We’d love the opportunity to know more about your situation, and how explore how we can be of service to your household. For more info on our ABA services callus today at (832) 342-5841, or fill out our form below.

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